Andrea Femerstrand, Senior 2D Artist working on our next game

One of our talented artists who worked on our next game is Andrea Femerstrand.

Andrea Femerstrand, Senior 2D Artist: “I work as a 2D Artist in the Artemis vs Medusa project, and my role is mainly to work with the Lead Artist on all static images in the game. I mainly worked on the medium symbols and the graphics for the free spins. The special thing about our game is that during the free spins there is a battle between Artemis (the Goddess of Hunting) and a bunch of Greek monsters. It is all about collecting coins, and in the free spins themselves, shooting as many monsters as possible in order to get to the final boss Medusa, which sits on the highest profit.

The whole project has been a lot of fun, especially to brainstorm on how we can show everything that happens during free spins. The characters (Artemis and all monsters) start out on a game plan in the form of a floating island. For each spin you don’t win, the monsters come closer, but if you win, Artemis shoots the closest monsters and the player gets a profit. It’s something we haven’t done before in our games. In addition to that, it has been very fun to illustrate Artemis and all the monsters, I have really made the muscles tense painted a lot of details in order for them to stick out.”

Coming August 11th


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