Anna Alexson, Quickspin’s Head of People and Culture, reflects on Quickspin’s Nominations in Two Categories at the WiG Diversity Awards!

Quickspin is a finalist in two categories of Women in Gaming Diversity (WIG) Awards 2024: Company of the Year and Employee Wellbeing Award. This together with having four amazing colleagues nominated in individual categories make us immensely proud and humbled at the same time.

Our individual finalists are:

Inspiration of the Year: Sandra Thomsson

Positive Role Model of the Year: Isabelle Hartmann

Employee of the Year: Camilla Lundstedt

Star of the Future: Anastasiia Botezat

According to the WiG’s homepage, Company of the Year Award recognizes businesses committed to long-term and holistic equality and diversity in the workplace and Employee Wellbeing Award acknowledges companies who’ve shown initiatives improving employee wellbeing and productivity.

It is a perfect opportunity for us to sit with Anna Alexson, Quickspin’s Head of People and Culture, and talk about our long-term approach to both inclusion and diversity and employee wellbeing. Anna herself was the finalist for the HR Champion of the Year at WiG Diversity awards, it is fantastic to see her work and the HR team’s reflected in this year’s nominations.


Congratulation! As the HR Champion, we can imagine you are extremely proud of these nominations. Could you tell us what these nominations mean for Quickspin?

Firstly I would like to express my extreme delight about these nominations, I together with all the Quickspiners am very happy to have Quickpin recognised for these important categories, and a huge congratulations to our four individual finalists! At Quickspin we believe in creating the most amazing employee experiences; making sure all Quickspin employees are as happy, engaged, and motivated as possible, enabling them to have the best employee experience ever – regardless of how long they stay with us. Being a finalist in the Company of the Year category, means that our efforts have been recognised and makes us even more determined to continue our work. One of our core values is “Always Strive to Improve” and we take it very seriously.


How does the HR department work towards this core value in terms of Quickspin being a great employer?

In the HR team, we handle everything in the employee life cycle. We have initiatives, tools, and processes that create meaningful values and set a high standard that can compete with the biggest industry stars.


That definitely is impressive in the iGaming industry. Could you tell us a bit about how the HR team and Quickspin as a company work towards Employee wellbeing?

Our focus will always be our people, and HR remains the core heart of the company. Making sure that our diverse workplace is inclusive and where employees feel valued and safe, get to be the most creative and have fun together! We are convinced that our business thrives the most when our employees are engaged, motivated, happy, and feel safe as well as included – because that is also when they are the most innovative, productive, and team-working.


We know firsthand that every Quickspinner feels like that! Let’s wrap up with a question about going forward, what are your plans for the future in regards to advancing diversity, inclusion, and employee wellbeing at Quickspin?

I’m looking forward to the entire journey ahead, with all the new paths and challenges. As we always have our people at the forefront of everything we do, we are always listening to their needs and they are always open with us in voicing their opinions. In this everchanging industry and world, it’s very important for us to be agile in recognising what our employees want and need. The HR team will continue to focus on mental health, remote and hybrid work, and create a sense of belonging in anyone who sets foot through Quickspin’s doors as an employee.

We will continue to drive our core values, which are the foundation of our fantastic culture and our recipe for success!


Thank you so much, Anna and the HR team for making Quickspin a wonderful place to work!

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