Artemis vs Medusa - Coming August 11th

For our next release, we have something super-fun and exciting brewing for our slots-enthusiasts!

Artemis vs. Medusa is centred around a legendary theme in Greece. What happens when you pair the Greek goddess Artemis with relentless monsters, the Harpy, Minotaur, and Griffon, and will she, in the end, be able to conquer the Gorgon Medusa?

Will Artemis be able to slay the last monsters or will the monsters overwhelm her. If Medusa is slain a potentially huge a win can be won, as every Medusa symbol added to the battlefield increases the “Medusa Bounty”. This game was originally inspired by a successful land-based casino game, is a medium volatile, 5×4, 1024 ways game with a chance to win 5288x and an unlimited amount of battle free spins. Artemis vs. Medusa is designed to look great in portrait mode, even when in the bonus game!

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Release date: August 11th

Monster Bounty Coins
Any medium symbol can have a Monster Bounty Coin on it. Monster Bounty Coins can only appear in the base game.

Monster Bounty
If the Artemis symbol with a golden frame land on the last reel any Monster Bounty Coins present on the reels will be collected and a Bounty payout will be awarded. The amount of the Bounty payout is related to the value of the Medium symbol that the coin originated from and the number of coins present on the reels.

Unlimited Battle Free spins
3 Bonus Scatter symbols trigger Unlimited Freepins Battle. Unlimited Battle free spins last until the battle between Artemis and Medusa resolves. During the battle, the meter will update according to the monster symbols that are accumulated.

Any time 1 or more Artemis symbols land on the reels all accompanying medium Monster symbols will be added to the meter. For every Artemis symbol that lands, a Monster type will be removed from the meter from lowest value to highest, and a bounty will be awarded. If at any time the meter exceeds 15, Artemis retreats and Free spins end. Free spins will also end if Artemis destroys the last monster.


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