Golden Glyph 3 – A journey alongside ancient Egyptian Gods with a Max Win of 10000x!

Has history taught us nothing!? The Gods’ power cannot be wielded by mere mortals such as ourselves. Horus played with Power Glyphs™ and Chaos Clusters™ like a baby would a doll. When we saw him wield those powers with ease, we immediately began plotting to harness them for ourselves. Golden Glyph 3 takes you deep into the heart of Ancient Egypt for another adventure of epic proportions where you can use Power Glyphs™ to trigger Power Ups and gain entrance to the Free Spins round with an unlimited multiplier that’s the envy of the gods. 

Golden Glyph 3 is a 7-reel, 5 to 9 high cluster-pay, game that features 2 of Quickspin’s trademarked mechanics, Chaos Clusters™ and Power Glyphs™ that trigger Power-ups as well as a Free Spins bonus with an unlimited multiplier.

The game will be made available in 3 different RTP versions: 96, 94 and 87 to ensure the game has a wide reach as well as healthy margins for all markets.


Story behind the game

Bjarne Grönnevik, Producer: ”Our previous Golden Glyph games have been firm fan-favourites for many years now and still remain amongst our top performers. So, adding a threequel was an easy decision. This rendition of the Golden Glyph series contains a boosted cluster pay mechanism combined with our trademarked Chaos Clusters™ feature that helps create more clusters and more winning combinations. And then we added in Power Glyphs™ that create Power-ups that unlock feature after feature until you access the Free Spins bonus game. And that, that’s where the magic happens. Every time you re-trigger the free spins round the multiplier grows exponentially meaning it could go on for eternity. All in all, I reckon this game is definitely one that’s going to make some headlines. The Golden Glyph series has always had a high on entertainment value with even the smallest initial win creating the chance for a massively long win-streak and an epic win.”



Tumbling Reels

Any symbols that are part of a winning cluster are removed. The empty positions will be filled with symbols falling from above. 


Wild symbols replace all symbols except Power Glyph™ and Golden Glyph.

Chaos Clusters™

Chaos Clusters™ symbols only need to be partially connected to form a winning cluster.

Power Glyph™

One Power Glyph™ is created and placed randomly in the cleared space every time you win and will substitute for all symbols except Golden Glyph

Free Spins

The Scarab Bonus Power Up symbol will activate the Free Spins bonus round, which will begin with 6 free spins. During the free spins round, if the Scarab Bonus Power Up is re-triggered, you will be awarded with +2 spins and the Golden Glyph multiplier will double in value. Every time the Scarab Bonus Power Up is re-triggered, the multiplier doubles exponentially, for example: x2 to x4 to x8 to x16 until the game round ends, or the max win of 10 000x bet is achieved.


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