Meet the producer of Wild Tome of the Woods

Bjarne Grönnevik is the Producer of Wild Tome of the Woods, and this is what he had to say about the development of this magical slot and the thinking behind the theme:

“After just a few brainstorming sessions the characters started to take shape, and then their backstories kind of just popped up from our imagination. The owl Eleanor for example, she’s a character who claims she went to Oxford – even though we all know that there’s a distinct difference between “going to” and “being hatched at” Oxford! All these quirky personalities started to come to life, and we had a lot of fun developing them.

The main creative drive behind the game was to create a delightful place with a fun ambiance – a relaxing world that you would happily sit down and enjoy spending some time in. That was the driving force behind all the creative decisions: choosing the location, the lighting, the colour scheme, and the sounds. We really wanted to create an atmosphere where you would feel like you’re in a beautiful oak forest, surrounded by big old trees with golden yellow sunbeams filtering through the treetops.”


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