Hall of the Mountain King - Meet the producer

In exactly 2 weeks from now, one of our biggest and most exciting game releases of the year is being released – Hall of the Mountain King! So, we thought you might like to hear more about the backstory. Read on to find out all about how the producer, Mattias Hallqvist, came up with the idea!

Mattias Hallqvist, Producer: “’In the Hall of the Mountain King’ is truly one of my favorite classical pieces. I can’t think of any other tune that builds up so much drama with just a few notes, and I never get tired of listening to it.

One day when I was listening to it, I suddenly realized that this music must be in the public domain now and that we could actually use it in a game! As soon as I thought that I could make a slot game out of it, I could picture the whole theme immediately, because that’s what happens with great inspirational music.

I instantly knew that the game should have this big troll king, living inside a big mountain. I knew that he would smash things up with his big hammer to change the gameplay, and that, as the music becomes more and more intense, things would start flying around.

I also knew, with the piece being so famous and the power that lies in that, that this would add a lot of value to the gaming experience.

As soon as we had developed a suitable prototype for the game, the math team and I built the theme around this. The team has worked really hard on Hall of the Mountain King and we are very excited for the commercial launch of the game.”


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