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Arcane Gems
Release date:
9th of June

Time to go hunting for some bling – our June release is a treasure box filled with diamonds, jewels and other valuables! This is a super fun and easy to play slot with high definition 3D graphics that pop! Your goal is to fill the screen with valuable objects – and if you lock a full column along the way, you’ll unlock the multiplier!

In addition to the awesome multiplier, this game also boasts free Respins when you get a winning combo, plus the chance to win up to 5625x your bet if you get a full screen with the same symbol! And what will happen if you manage to lock all symbols on the screen? That’s our little secret – you’ll have to play to find out.

Arcane Lock Mechanics
Any winning combination triggers the Arcane Lock Mechanics, the highest paying symbols lock in place and any other winning combinations are paid immediately. Respin continues until no more of the locking symbols land. The total win is paid out at the final respin.

Arcane Multipliers
Filling a full reel with locked symbols awards a random multiplier between 2 to 5. The total multiplier is the sum of all awarded reel multipliers. The maximum total multipliers can be up to x25 if there is a full-screen of locked symbols.

Clint Andersson, Producer: “The game contributes with a whole new standard of rendering graphic fidelity in a game for the portfolio. Initially, the story behind the game comes from one of my personal favourite 3×5 slots, but the game is old and I wanted to add improvements to it while still maintaining the true feeling of the original.

The artists working on this game were adamant about pushing the graphic fidelity of this game in order to increase the richness of the symbols and how to present value. The game is made fully in 3D and boasts cool features such as the Arcane Lock, which locks symbols of the same type and Arcane Multiplier, where a random multiplier is given to the player any time a reel is locked which adds for extra excitement.

As for the inspiration for Arcane Gems, it comes from the gathering needs of all people, the jewels to be really eye-catching in a way that fascinates a little more
than is usual in video slots. We have taken inspiration from AAA-produced games in the casual-gaming market to find a style that adds to our already existing style. Our graphic designers and developers used the latest standard in web rendering.”

Tor Jäger, Lead Artist: “With Arcane Gems, Quickspin is taking the definite step into the world of 3D. The games start with the chest lid closed and when you click on the button it opens up showing you the sparkling gems. It gives you the feeling of opening your gift on Christmas morning as a child. By modelling the whole game in 3D we can give a much deeper immersion in effects and the whole gaming experience.

Our goal from day one was to create a feast for your eyes in colour and light. We pride ourselves on creating the shiniest gold and gems in the business. For me as a traditional 2D artist making this game has been an amazing ride. Our 3D artists together with our developer team have made my dreams on paper come alive in a three-dimensional world. The game itself is simple and straightforward. I really like that it has only one feature. That way the feature can be very strong.”

Vampire Senpai
Release date: 14th July

Get whisked away to a colourful and prosperous world filled with hopping vampires. You heard right! Our July release is inspired by Chinese folklore, where undead creatures, known as the “Jiangshi”, appear with outstretched arms and stiff posture, preying on humans to absorb their life force.

We’ve placed a more comedic tone on this traditionally dark theme and packed it with plenty of suspense and anticipation. Included is a base game mystery feature, randomly creating 3-9 additional Talisman Wilds, and it doesn’t stop there. The game gets even darker in Free Spins. After landing one or more Vampire Wilds, the Jiangshi will hop around, sinking their teeth into any Medium human symbol that appears next to them, Creating, you guessed it, more wilds! Appearing on a 5×5 layout, Vampire Sempai boasts invigorating colour combinations, rich graphics, and eye-catching effects that will leave the player thirsty for more!

Turning Wild
Any Vampire Wild symbol landing on the reels converts any surrounding Medium symbol into the corresponding Turned Wild symbol. Any Turned Wild symbol also converts any surrounding Medium symbol into the corresponding Turned Wild symbol. The conversion continues if there are surrounding Medium symbols.

Talisman Turning Wild
On any spin, there is a chance that 3-9 Talisman Wild symbols appear on reels 1-4. Talisman WIld symbols do not naturally appear on the reels in the base game.

Reanimated Free Spins
3, 4 or 5 Bonus Scatter symbols award 7, 8 or 9 free spins respectively. Any Vampire Wild symbol landing will remain on the reels for the entire free spins and hop to a random reel position at the beginning of each spin.

Talisman Wild
Talisman Wild symbols appear naturally on the reels in the Reanimated Free Spins. Any Talisman Wild symbol landing in the Reanimated Free Spins is locked for the entire free spins. Each Vampire Wild or Talisman Wild landing awards an extra free spins.
Producer Quote

Mark Smith, the Producer of Vampire Senpai: “The concept for Vampire Senpai came to us from our own game designer Sammy Wong, who told us the Chinese legend of the “Jiangshi”, a zombie-like vampire that is so stiff, it can only move by hopping around with outstretched arms, killing any creature it comes across in order to absorb its qi or life force. Sounds frightening? Don’t worry. Quickspin has adapted this theme in a very lighthearted way, making the game more playful and appealing to everyone.

Although aimed mainly at the Asia market, Vampire Senpai is an attractive and entertaining game that will appeal to an even broader audience. In the base game, it is cosy and nice and the Jiangshi still comes by every now and then to turn medium symbols that are human into Wild vampires. We also included a mystery wilds feature that creates 3-9 wilds in random positions. The Free Spins the game gets a lot darker, and if you land one or more Vampire Wild symbols, they will jump around for the duration of the bonus. “

Lucas Johansson, FX Artist: “The stories behind the Jiangshi has been our main source of inspiration and consequently, our team has shared and watched a lot of clips from movies featuring this vampire. Other than that, we have aimed for a classic Asian setting with a playful Quickspin vibe. I’m an FX Artist, hence making all the effects and animations for this game. It was a lot of fun to learn about the Jiangshi, which prior to this project had never heard about.

Although this vampire normally is depicted in Chinese culture as a scary creature featured in horror stories, we’ve taken a different turn making it a more entertaining game. We wanted to make it playful, so that everyone, not just the Asian market would be able to enjoy it. I particularly like working on these more stylized types of games where I can let my imagination go wild in the creating process, for example, the frightening medium symbols or the vampires that hop around the reel. “

Artemis vs. Medusa

Release date: 11th August

What happens when you pair the Greek goddess Artemis with legendary monsters, the harpy, minotaur’s, and griffons, and will she, in the end, be able to conquer the Gorgon Medusa? The suspense is real.

Will Artemis be able to slay the last monsters or will the monsters overwhelm her. If Medusa is slain a potentially huge win can be won, as every Medusa symbol added to the battlefield increases the “Medusa Bounty”. Artemis vs Medusa is a medium volatile, 5×4, 1024 ways game with a chance to win 5288x and an unlimited amount of battle freespins.

Monster Bounty Coins
Any medium symbol can have a Monster Bounty Coin in it. Monster Bounty Coins can only appear in the base game.

Monster Bounty
If Artemis symbol with a golden frame land on the last reel any Monster Bounty Coins present on the reels will be collected and a Bounty payout will be awarded. The amount of the Bounty payout is related to the value of the Medium symbol that the coin originated from and the number of coins present on the reels.

Unlimited Battle Freespins
3 Bonus Scatter symbols trigger Unlimited Freepins Battle. Unlimited Battle freespins last until the battle between Artemis and Medusa resolves. During the battle, the meter will update according to the monster symbols that are accumulated. Any time 1 or more Artemis symbols land on the reels all accompanying medium Monster symbols will be added to the meter. For every Artemis symbol that lands on a Monster type will be removed from the meter from lowest value to highest, and a bounty will be awarded. If at any time the meter exceeds 15, Artemis retreats and Freespins end. Freespins will also end if Artemis destroys the last monster.

Travis Grabau, Producer: “The heart of the game is the battlefield, we wanted to create a game that was designed to take advantage of the vertical space available in portrait mode. We also thought that it would be fun to have both the protagonist and antagonist be portrayed with a strong female character. It didn’t take us long to settle on Artemis. The goddess of the hunt was just the type of figure we had in mind. Once we had decided on Artemis it made Medusa the gorgon the most obvious choice for her opponent. We then gave Medusa some minions, the Harpy, Griffon, and Minotaur to square off against the divine arrows of Artemis. We also played around a bit with the location. Mount Olympus is well known as the home of the Greek divinities so we thought it would be kind of fun if the actual battle took place in the inverse of the mountain, during the night when the moon was full. We tried to include a lot of the symbols of Artemis in the production, you will see Arrows, Stag antlers, and the moon which are all associated with Artemis.”

Andrea Femerstrand, Senior 2D Artist: “I work as a 2D Artist in the Artemis vs Medusa project, and my role is mainly to work with the Lead Artist on all static images in the game. I mainly worked on the medium symbols and the graphics for the free spins. The special thing about our game is that during the free spins there is a battle between Artemis (the Goddess of Hunting) and a bunch of Greek monsters. It is all about collecting coins, and in the free spins themselves, shooting as many monsters as possible in order to get to the final boss Medusa, which sits on the highest profit.

The whole project has been a lot of fun, especially to brainstorm on how we can show everything that happens during free spins. The characters (Artemis and all monsters) start out on a game plan in the form of a floating island. For each spin you don’t win, the monsters come closer, but if you win, Artemis shoots the closest monsters and the player gets a profit. It’s something we haven’t done before in our games. In addition to that, it has been very fun to illustrate Artemis and all the monsters, I have really made the muscles tense painted a lot of details in order for them to stick out.”


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