Sticky Bandits: Wild Return takes you back to the wicked Wild West

Sticky Bandits: Wild Return is an exciting spin-off from our hit game Sticky Bandits, but it’s like a new version on steroids – everything is a little bit bigger and bolder. This sequel combines a popular, top-performing theme with unique features and non-stop excitement!

The old bandits are back in town, meaner and leaner. And they say all good things come in three, so we’ve added a new bad-ass bandit to the gang. This trio of desperadoes is ready to cause some serious havoc in a dingy saloon that’s packed with whiskey, cigars, guns, and skulls – just as you’d expect in the wicked Wild West!


This gaming experience is every bit as thrilling as the first Sticky Bandits. The three bandits show up as both normal and massive symbols on the reels (up to 3×3!), and there’s an exciting shootout in the Free Spins Bonus where the bandits can turn into Sticky Wilds!

And as always with Quickspin, we’ve added something completely new and unique to the mix. This time it’s an old slot machine inside the game, with a jackpot that can multiply a win by 500x your bet in one single spin – so there are many ways to win BIG!

Story Behind the Game

Erik Gullstrand, Chief Product Officer at Quickspin: “The first Sticky Bandits is one of the classics in our portfolio – it’s really popular with the team at Quickspin, and it also happens to be one of our top-performing slots. So, one day the team got talking about it and we wondered what it would be like to do a follow up with the same bandits and what that might look like. What if the bandits were much older, and the game a bit tougher and rawer? And the symbols massive?”

“Once we started working on it, we decided to add a female bandit to the gang as well. We wanted this game to be bigger and bolder in every way, so we’ve also incorporated a shootout where the bandits turn into Sticky Wilds.”

Quickspin Promote and Markets

Sticky Bandits: Wild Return will be available in all markets where Quickspin is currently present, including the Swedish market. All the fantastic gamification tools in our Quickspin Promote catalogue will be available from day one, and you can test play the game in our Client Area now!

Herbert Paradis, Head of CRM: “I would recommend using Tournaments to promote ‘Sticky Bandits: Wild Return’. For our clients, the first ‘Sticky Bandits’ has proved to be one of the most popular and best-performing slots to use when running a Tournament, so we expect the sequel to be every bit as engaging and successful with this gamification tool!”

If you’re looking for a demo of Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, or if you need help customizing any of our gamification tools, contact your Account Manager today.


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