We won the prestigious award ‘Company of the Year’!

We won the prestigious award ‘Company of the Year’ at the WIG Diversity Awards!

Quickspin was awarded the Company of the Year for their focus on inclusivity by welcoming their workers as a family, allowing to create a diverse workplace, offering equal pay along with the companies benefits for parents, having some 30 different nationalities on their workforce.
Having a gender equal representation of women and men and the judges applauded the companies recruitment policy to be fair, equal to all and open.

We took the chance to speak to our Chief People Officer Sandra Lindberg to hear what she had to say about the award and the work her team and Quickspin has put in to deserve this wonderful recognition.

“At Quickspin, we always say we’re a family – The Quickspin family. To proudly be able to say the company is a family sets a few demands on us: Every single Quickspin employee must feel safe and appreciated for them to agree on this statement. Lucky us, we truly feel we’ve succeeded. Quickspin has managed to create a diverse workforce with almost 30 different nationalities, that for example has equal salaries and parental benefits between genders, and in general – a strong focus on inclusion and zero discrimination.”

”I strongly believe that a fair culture and diverse workplace is a fundamental foundation for any company. We want to create a company culture where everyone feels involved, included and are proud of. We have succeeded well over the years with our diversity efforts and today we have many cultures and nationalities employees – On our 100 man strong team we have 28 nationalities! A Challenge for us, like for many companies in tech, is still a gender split balance. We see that our gender split is better than many of the companies in our industry, but we are still not satisfied.”

“I am very proud of what we are, the hard work we have put in and I’m very honed about the ‘Company of the Year award’ and the recognition from WIG Diversity. I am truly excited about continuing to work towards and drive Quickspin to always be the best place to work and the top choice when it comes to the next step in your career.”


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