We don’t just create awesome slots, we also make great gamification tools that players love. Our tools help you with your entire player life cycle: acquisition, retention, reactivation and VIP management.
And they’re a proven success.

Challenges is a seasonally themed loyalty tool that’s designed to add an extra level of entertainment to our slots. It’s designed as an engaging and immersive mini-game that sits above the game grid.

Your mission is to get a character through a maze and over to the other side, where a chest will open up to reveal a pre-determined prize. The spins in the slot are the key to unlocking the pathway across the maze, one step at a time (or several, if you’re lucky).
We offer Tournaments in collaboration with Competition Labs. This allows for even more interesting tournaments where the goal for players is both ‘event’ oriented as well as win/turnover oriented.

All our games come with 6 unique game events, which we identify and communicate to operators via our API, and any of these events can be used to measure a player’s success in a Tournament.
Feature Trigger
The Feature Trigger is a unique promotional tool that lets players experience the Free Spins Bonus in any of our slots.

The Bonus game is what all players chase, as it holds the biggest value and entertainment – and now they can experience one ‘on the house’!
Flexible Free Rounds
Flexible Free Rounds is a unique promotional tool that lets your players experience a game for free, with the stakes they prefer.

You decide which players are eligible, on which game(s), and at what cost. The fact that you can give your players a range of bet options to choose from makes our Flexible Free Rounds completely unique.
Our Achievements module makes use of the 6 unique game events in our games. Achievements add an extra layer of game play, with the goal of giving back a portion of the player’s expected losses.

Our achievements have 4 different levels and pay out rewards on each level. Players can track their progress, claim rewards, and use their rewards within the achievements page that’s accessible within our games.
Game Events
Our Game Events are events that occur during gameplay, and all our games come with 6 predetermined events.

You can use these events for a wide range of promotions. Our platform will notify your system whenever any of these events occur during a player’s spin, so your system can keep track of them, and in response trigger rewards for players when they meet certain milestones.


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Thank you – and remember to play responsibly and have fun!