Just in time for Halloween, we welcome you to an old haunted house. Hidden underneath the grounds ghosts have a life of their own, each with its own unique ability, quirkiness and characteristics.

Ghost Glyph is a well-balanced cluster game with medium volatility, a 31% hit rate in the base game and up to 2,200x in exposure. The charming poltergeists are just the cherry on the top! Expect a spooky gaming experience with a splash of colour.

Tumble Mechanics
Tumble Mechanics are available in both the base game and Bonus Game. Any symbols that are part of a winning cluster are removed. The empty positions are filled with symbols falling from above.  Any new wins are added to the existing win. Tumbling ends when there are no new winning clusters.

The Ghost Glyph
The Ghost Glyph is available in both the Base Game and the Freespins Bonus. After the removal of winning symbol clusters and prior to tumbling, a Ghost Glyph is awarded in one of the empty spaces. At most one Ghost Glyph is awarded for each tumble. A Ghost Glyph is evaluated and removed as a Wild. For each Ghost Glyph removed, an additional Ghost Urn is activated. If the Blye Ghost Urn is activated, all unused Ghost Glyphs are turned into Wild. No additional Ghost Glyphs will be awarded during the remaining tumbles of that spin.

Urn Features
Before each spin,  5 Ghost Urns are randomly determined with the final Ghost Urn always being the Blue Ghost Urn. Each of the first 4 Ghost Urns is chosen randomly from among Yellow, Green and Red Ghost Urns. Ghost Urns are activated from left to right for each Ghost Glyph consumed as part of a win. When there is a non-winning screen, activated Ghost Urns are awarded in the order they were activated.

Yellow Ghost Urn
Spreads Wilds on the reels! This feature spawns 4-10 randomly placed Wilds in the game area.

Green Ghost Urn
Transforms low paying symbols! This feature targets one randomly selected low paying symbol and transform all occurrences of that symbol in the game area to another low paying symbol type.

Red Ghost Urn
Removes low paying symbols! feature targets one randomly selected low paying symbol and removes all occurrences of that symbol in the game area

Blue Ghost Urn
Activates the bonus game! Or awards 3+ freespins in the bonus game.

Massive Wild Feature
The Massive Wild feature is activated at the end of the freespin if the last Paranormality Meter reaches Level 1 or higher.  If the Paranormality Meter reaches less than Level 3, Massive Wild symbols are removed when part of a win. The Massive Wild Feature has 22 levels.


Clint Andersson, Producer: “The word ghost had been mentioned a lot during our latest brainstorming sessions, it showed up in many places at the office, paintings, small doodles, drawings on a whiteboard, even game prototypes had the name ghost in it, but we had never created a game with an actual ghost in it. It was about then we decided to “Let’s make a ghost game!”.

We already had a very feature-rich game in mind for these kinds of characters, we handpicked the ghosts we liked the most from a selection of about 50 concepts. The blue and the green ghosts where 2 instant favourites and helped defining the rest of the game’s setting. We wanted to tell a story with our features and develop a progression for the player to enjoy.

Like you just arrived at the mansion at the ghost hour and they show you all the amazing secrets. The ghost features really put a spin on the reels and helps the player get into the bonus game inside the mansion, while the final feature makes sure that the player does not leave empty-handed.”



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