In an affluent area of a big city, where the streets are lined with designer boutiques, posh shops, and high-end restaurants, lies an iconic jewellery store. Sandwiched between Dior, Chanel, and Luis Vuitton shops, this world-renowned store attracts the rich and famous with its precious gemstones, dazzling jewels, and valuable watches.

The rows upon rows of glittering goods have also caught the eye of a seasoned career criminal, who is gathering his crew for one last heist – and they want you to join them. If you pull this off, you can spend the rest of your life sipping Piña Coladas on a remote beach in Mexico.

Join your fellow crew members and hop into the van with your dapper suits and creepy clown masks. Hit the store, grab as many valuables as you can, and make a dash for the exit while your adrenaline is skyrocketing. Enjoy the euphoric highs of executing an elaborate sting one last time. Will you be set for life or set behind bars?

Highstreet Heist boasts stunning graphics, fresh gameplay, and a unique reel layout with two locked middle rows. The game transforms into super-high volatility in the Free Spins Bonus and can build up to a full 1,024 ways on every spin – giving you a chance to win BIG!



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