Do you love festivals or think they’re hell on Earth? Well, this festival is hell. Literally.

A warm welcome to Scatterbury, where monsters from all over the world meet up for a legendary 5-day festival. Scatto, as it’s commonly known in the Underworld, started as a simple event in 1974 with 1,500 visitors. It’s grown year by year and now attracts more than 200,000 culture-loving monsters each year.

Party with zombies, demons, and vampires while you match symbols and fill the Soul Meters with unsuspecting souls. And if you fill the Demon meter you get access to the VIP room in hell, where you can mingle with Satan and other superstars. Maybe you’ll even get his autograph?

Scatter Monsters is a 6×6 symbol tumbling game where you fill the Soul Meters to trigger the Color removals, Symbol upgrades, and a Free Spins Bonus with a dynamic Multiplier (the multiplier increases the more unused Souls you have).

This spinferno is a dedicated scatter pay game with a completely new mechanic, hellishly entertaining gameplay, and a chance for some diabolical wins!

This game comes with 3 well-engineered RTP models to suit any market.



Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except the Heavens Gift symbol.

Heavens Gift 

Heavens Gift awards 10 to 50 souls into a random Soul Meter.

Soul Meters 

Filling a Soul Meter will award its feature when there are no more wins. You fill the Soul Meters by winning on symbols or by landing the Heavens Gift.

Vampire Soul Meter 

The blue Vampire Soul Meter takes 20 Vampire Souls to fill. Filling it awards the Symbol Upgrade: all low symbols of all colors get upgraded to one of its higher versions. If there are no low symbols on the screen, all medium symbols are upgraded. You can overfill the Soul Meter to have the same feature trigger multiple times.

Zombie Soul Meter 

The green Zombie Soul Meter takes 40 Zombie Souls to fill. Filling it awards the Color Removal: all symbols of a random color are removed and its souls are stored in its Soul Meter. You can overfill the Soul Meter to have the same feature trigger multiple times.

Demon Soul Meter 

The red Demon Soul Meter takes 60 Demon Souls to fill. Filling it awards 8 Free Spins. After the meter is full, you can overfill the Soul Meter and get +1 Free Spin for every 25 Demon Souls above 60.

Free Spins 

Fill the Demon Soul Meter to get +1 Free Spins. Every 60 Demon Souls after that adds 1 extra Free Spin and any souls left in the Soul Meter after each Free Spin are converted into a Multiplier for the winnings of that spin.




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