Superb graphics and animations will be the first impression of Sinbad, but the glory of the game lies within the gameplay.

The randomly stacked symbols ensures interesting wins in main game, but really comes to play in the wild frequent free spins features.

There are three different free spin bonuses to choose between, each representing one of Sinbad’s adventures. The difference in volatility between the bonuses will suit both the casual players, as well as the the more risk taking hardcore players.

Game Features

Randomly stacked reels
Every spin one or more symbols are randomly stacked. This is to give the game a variety of win combinations and create alternate gameplay for each spin.

Free Spins
The free spins bonus is based on three of Sinbad’s journeys. Players can choose themselves which of the Three bonuses they want to play. They all have different volatility, with the Ape Bonus being the most volatile and the Snake Bonus the least volatile.

Ape Bonus
Anytime the Ape appears, he leaves one or more Wild symbols on the reels which will stay locked in their position for the rest of the free spins bonus. This is the bonus where you really can win big if lucky.

Roc Bonus
The Roc collects any Diamond symbols on the reels and makes regular symbols into Wild symbols. They also trigger extra free spins when a certain number has been collected. This feature is dramatically enhanced by the game play of the random stacking feature.

Snake Bonus
This bonus features a snake that appears fairly frequently, leaving a trail of wilds as it slithers across. This is the bonus for the less risk-taking players.



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